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Fashion Fun for the Men in Your Wedding

Making sure a bride finds the perfect wedding dress is the mission of our South Florida bridal boutique, followed by outfitting the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and the flower girl. Once that's taken care of, there is a very special man and his groomsmen who need some fabulous fashions too!

Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches has a few ideas on how to add a some extra pizzazz to what the men in your wedding will be wearing. If you want them to stand out a bit from the average suit, try some of these fun possibilities.

Be mindful of the seasonWhen you are picking out wedding fashions for the men in your wedding, don't forget how miserably hot a tuxedo can be in mid-July at an outdoor ceremony. If that's what you want the men to wear, consider getting married where it is air conditioned. 

If going a little more casual is a possibility, choose a lighter material for their suit jackets, or skip the jackets altogether and simply have them wear a nice shirt…

Helpful Advice for the Indecisive Bride

Some people know exactly what they want and have no trouble making a decision about it. Others worry excessively over the tiniest details, making it very difficult to decide on anything. 

At Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches, we know that your wedding is important to you, but staying calm and enjoying the process is important too. Here is some advice to help put everything into perspective, ease the worry, and hopefully make the decision-making a little easier.

Avoid conflicting opinionsIf you are already having a hard time deciding on which wedding dress is "the one," a fitting room full of people that can't agree on anything will only hinder the process. When you go shopping, only bring along 1-2 extremely honest friends to help you out, preferably ones that share your likes and style. 

Bring in a fresh eyeAfter a while, after looking at the numerous choices available to you, everything begins to blur together. When it gets overwhelming, take a break. Step away from the …

Superb Summer Wedding Tips & Ideas

Summer officially begins next week, June 20, 2016. Today we've decided to offer a few of our favorite tips for summer weddings. Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches is an expert when it comes to your wedding fashions for every season, and over the years, we've picked up some great ideas to share with you.

Outdoor EventsWe recently wrote a blog full of helpful ideas for an outdoor wedding. Summer weather calls to many people to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, but sometimes the days can get too hot for comfort. Make arrangements for ways that your guests can cool off if this happens. Programs that double as fans are helpful, covered, shaded areas can provide relief, and lots of water for everyone is a must.   

To keep your decor from melting or wilting away, think of alternatives to use in place of cut flowers. Broach bouquets are gorgeous and require no special care to keep looking fresh. Outdoor reception tables can incorporate vibrant summer fruits or floating candles…

5 Helpful Tips to Find Bridesmaid Dresses Everyone Will Love

The biggest selection of the most fabulous bridesmaid dresses in South Florida are waiting for your bridal party at Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches. With all of the different styles, colors, and types of gowns available, it can be difficult to find a design that all of the women in your wedding are satisfied with. The following tips will help to ensure that everybody finds something they will be happy to wear. 

Narrow down the choicesThe first thing that you will want to do is to limit the amount of dresses that your bridesmaids have to choose from. The fewer the choices, the less fighting over favorites. Use the style of the wedding gown that you will be wearing to guide the style of dress that your attendants will wear. Keep the season and the location of the wedding in mind so that the gowns are comfortable in the weather you are expecting. 

When you begin shopping for bridesmaid dresses, only take 1 or 2 girls from the wedding party along with you, especially if you have a very l…

7 Tips for a Successful Wedding Dress Shopping Appointment

Making an appointment at our Bridal Boutique in West Palm Beach is the best way to find exactly what you are looking for. Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches is an exclusive store that is accessible by appointment only. If you simply stop by the shop, you run the risk of not getting to try on the gorgeous gowns that we carry.

Making the appointment is only the first step to a rewarding wedding dress shopping experience. Here are a few tips to make sure that your visit to our bridal gown store in South Florida is a successful one.

1. Ask questions, both before and during the appointment.Preparation is the key to your appointment running smoothly and successfully. When you book it, find out how much time you should plan on being here. Generally, it will take about an hour, but could go longer. Also inquire about styles, colors, and sizes that are in stock, and know the forms of payment accepted and the amount of time it will take to order a gown. 

During your appointment, the consultant wil…