Wedding Dress Terms That Could Be Helpful - Part 2

Recently, we discussed the different terms that you’ll find when shopping for a wedding dress. These terms included details related to the silhouettes, the lengths, and the skirt styles. If you want to head back and read it, you can read part one here: Wedding Dress Terms That Could Be Helpful. This week we’re going to cover a few more terms that relate to the bodices, and necklines! These are beautiful and often very visually obvious on a wedding dress. Many times, they are the first thing a bride knows that she wants in her dress! If you’re looking for a dream wedding dress in Palm Beach, FL, we would love to show you some of the stylish bodies and sleeves that are trending this year! Until then, here are some terms that may be helpful as you shop.

Examples of princess line, corset, and surplice bodices


The fabric of this dress covers one shoulder, or attaches over the should with a strap. This then leaves the other shoulder bare.

This bodice style will hug tight agates the body with hook, snap, or a laced back. The bodice could be strapless or strapped.

This style is fitted at the chest, and then fabric hangs straight down under the bustline. This creates a Shakespeare in Love look, or if you are familiar with Jane Austen movies, they wear this style. It’s a very romantic look, as well as favored by brides and bridesmaids who are pregnant.

This bodice reaches just down to below the ribs and bares your stomach. It’s becoming increasingly popular right now to have two part dresses.

This style has two vertical seams that angle over the breastbone and go down to the hem.

The fabric is crossed in front or the back and sometimes twisted for and extra effect. This gives the appearance of a “wrap” across the bodice. This can also be called a “draped” bodice.

This is similar to a tank top, and is sleeveless with thin or thick straps.

Examples of the sweetheart neckline, off-the-shoulder neckline, and high collar neckline.


This neckline has straps that are at mid-shoulder, and the fabric very gently dips across the front of the chest and back. It comes very high up on the collar bone, and if you looked at it from above, it would make an eye shape.

Very much like a halter top or bikini top. It ties around the back of the neck, and the front could be a keyhole opening or a v-neck.

High Collar
The chest and base of the neck are both covered by fabric. Sometimes a dress with a high collar is accented with a keyhole cutout on the chest with a piece of jewelry that shows through.

This neckline is round, and sits at the base of the throat.

The shoulders and collarbone are both bare with this type of neckline. The fabric wraps around the upper arms in a graceful and elegant style.

The neckline angles up toward one shoulder and it features a strap. The other should is bare.

This neckline is off-the-shoulder, and the neckline scoops down into a more rounded cut than an off-the-shoulder style.

Queen Anne
The shoulders are covered and the back of the dress is high. The front almost looks like a cutout with a sweetheart appearance.

This is similar to bateau, but it starts two inches higher for a more demure look.

This is a rounded neckline, like the bottom half of a circle.

This has been the most popular neckline on wedding dresses for a very long time. The neckline can go straight across or dip down in a curved design.

Your straps come straight down to a vertical line of fabric across your chest, this gives a square apeparance.

The fabric rounds over each side of your chest meeting in a v-neck point in the middle. It has a heart shape, which is the basis for its name.

The fabric extends downward in an angled v-shape at the top of the chest or lower to show some cleavage.

Florida Wedding Dresses

Do you know which bodice or neckline you want on your dress? There are some that are incredibly popular, but there are some unique styles that you don’t see as often. Take a look at these necklines and think about what would look the best with your body style. If you don’t know, we can help! Schedule an appointment with Bridal Couture Palm Beach and get treated like a queen at your individual dress fitting. Your big day will be here before you know it, so be sure to make your appointment to come and find the one!

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