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Wedding Budget - Who Will Pay for What?

Trying to plan a wedding can be stressful for many brides. From picking out wedding colors, finding all your vendors, making a guest list etc... To top off the stress associated with wedding planning, you have to figure out who will be paying for your wedding. Considering the average wedding cost is over  $30,000 according to Business Insider, it's important to have this conversation earlier than later. Today, our Bridal Boutique in Royal Palm Beach has a suggested breakdown of who pays for what. Of course, everyone's situation is different and will likely need to be tweaked a bit, we hope you find our list helpful for creating your own wedding budget.

Planning Your Wedding Budget Most people are familiar with the tradition of the groom's family paying for the rehearsal dinner and the bride's family paying for the ceremony and reception (which typically equates to "everything else"). While some families still follow this age-old tradition, many modern couples…

5 Tasteful Bachelorette Party Ideas!

One of the fun things you get to plan with your Maid of Honor is your Bachelorette Party! Typically when people think about Bachelorette Parties they think of a crazy night of drinking with the girls... BUT it doesn't have to be that way! Not everyone wants a crazy night out and that's perfectly okay, you can still have a fun night with the girls without getting too crazy. Today, our Bridal Boutique at the Royal Palm Beach has a few fun Bachelorette Party Ideas!

1) Cooking Class Either find a restaurant that offers a private class with the head chef, or invite a personal chef to come to you. Spend the evening learning to cook a fancy dish together, and end the night by enjoying what you've learned.
2) Spa Day You've been doing a lot of preparation for your upcoming wedding, and it's very likely that you could use some relaxing time to de-stress. You and your girlfriends will all enjoy and appreciate a spa day. In fact, if you can find the time, make it a spa weeke…

DIY Emergency Kit for your Wedding Day!

We all hope that our weddings go absolutely perfectly but the reality is something is bound to go wrong - even if it is just something minor. If something goes wrong such as a hair mishap or minor wardrobe malfunction it's best to have a backup plan! It's a good idea for the bride to put together an emergency kit for the big day, that way if something happens, you can fix it easily without going into to complete panic mode! Today our bridal boutique in Royal Palm Beaches has an easy emergency kit every bride should put together prior to the big day.

The list is separated into categories, but many of the items can do double-duty, covering a variety of tasks. For example, clear nail polish is great for a shiny manicure touch-up, but it can also help to stop a run in hosiery. Hair spray works for that too, as well as keeping your hair in place.

Another example is the tape. It's a good thing to have on hand in case you need to fasten a wedding decoration, but it's also pe…

Bridesmaid Etiquette

Your bridesmaids are a very special part of your big day and for a great reason! The wonderful ladies that you ask to stand next to you on your wedding day are typically comprised of those closest to you - best friends, cousins, sisters, etc. While it is easy to get caught up in all the excitement when it comes to asking those ladies to be your bridesmaids, you'll want to keep in mind some bridesmaid etiquette. While it is not uncommon for them to pay for most of the expenses that come with being a bridesmaid, you'll want to find ways to compromise and give back to them! Our Bridal Boutique in Royal Palm Beaches has a few suggestions for bridesmaid etiquette.

1. Be Considerate Of Their Budgets Before you begin shopping for bridesmaid dresses, talk to each of your girls and find out what their budget is. If you expect them to cover the cost of their dresses, it is only courteous to be respectful of their budgeting needs. Find out what the maximum budget is for each of them, and…

Get the 411 on What the Mother of the Bride Should Wear!

So your daughter is getting married - how exciting! As the mother of the bride, we are sure you are thrilled to be a part of her big day! Celebrating your daughter's marriage is a special day and while you certainly don't want to outshine the bride, you'll still want to look your best on her wedding day. You may be wondering what you should wear on such an occasion and today our bridal store in Royal Palm Beach has the 411 on what's appropriate and what's not.

Selecting The Color Traditionally, mothers of the bride are supposed to avoid the following shades:
White, Ivory, and Champagne - these colors may blend too closely with the bride's gownRed or other bright, flashy colors - these tones may overshadow the bride and bridal partyBlack - this color represents mourning and, as such, is traditionally considered inappropriate for a wedding Of course, modern mothers of the bride do not have to be restricted to these traditions if they do not want to be. The only t…