6 Things No One Told You About Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is a rite of passage - an experience that many girls begin dreaming about from a very young age. While many aspects of the shopping experience will live up to your dreams and expectations, other aspects may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about the realities of wedding dress shopping, courtesy of Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches.

1. There May Be More Than One "Perfect Dress"
Many brides-to-be are enamored with the idea of finding "the" dress. While it's true that there is a single perfect wedding gown out there for many women, many other women find that they are torn between two (or even three or four) equally flattering gowns. In these instances, it will be up to you (and your best friend, of course) to decide which gown will be the best fit. Our experienced bridal consultant in Palm Beach can help you along the way.

2. You Can't Judge A Dress By Its Hanger
Like books, wedding dresses often look very different at first glance. It is not uncommon for certain gowns to look less than flattering when draped on the hanger, but to then look fabulous once they being worn. Don't make the mistake of bypassing your dream gown because you judged it for its appearance on the hanger. If your consultant recommends a certain dress for you, it is often worth taking the time to try it on before making a decision.

3. There Is No Way To Predict Your Emotions
Stereotypically, wedding dress shopping is considered a magical event that inspires everyone - brides and entourages included - to shed a few happy tears at some point. While many brides and their friends and family do become weepy at times, not everyone will. We have seen many emotional brides maintain surprisingly dry eyes throughout their bridal appointment. By the same token, many emotionally stable brides feel overcome when they find the perfect dress. There is no right or wrong way to respond to dress shopping - cut yourself some slack and simply embrace the emotions that arise.

4. You May Not Make A Decision On Your First Shopping Trip
The gown shopping experience is one that most brides look forward to with great anticipation. It's perfectly okay to be excited - you should be excited - but don't get hung up on the idea of finding the perfect gown the first day you try on dresses. It may take a couple different trips (possibly to a couple different stores) to find the gown that really speaks to you. Or, if you're torn between multiple dresses as we discussed earlier, it may take you a couple different trips to hone in on a decision.

5. Shopping When Hungry Is Never A Good Idea
Of course you want to look your best before going dress shopping, but don't make the mistake of starving yourself in the morning or afternoon before your bridal appointment. It's important to eat a balanced breakfast (and lunch if your appointment is in the afternoon). Getting in and out of multiple gowns can be both physically and emotionally tiring. Beginning the process on an empty stomach will only serve to make the process harder.

6. Your Idea Of The Perfect Dress May Change Drastically
After browsing Pinterest for hours, you'll come into your bridal appointment armed with pictures of your dream wedding gown. You'll try on a dress that matches your vision, and it might really be perfect - or it might not be. Many brides are sad and frustrated to learn that the gown they thought would be perfect looks less than flattering once it's on. Try not to be discouraged. If the gown type you thought you wanted does not look as you imagined, your bridal consultant will be able to help you find a stunning alternative.

Bridal Couture Of The Palm Beaches Is Here For You
We are confident that there is one (or more!) perfect dress out there for every bride. If you are getting married, we would be honored if you would consider booking a bridal appointment at our bridal salon in Palm Beach Florida. Our experienced bridal consultant would be thrilled to help you find the perfect dress. Call us at (561) 793-4633 to schedule your private appointment today!

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