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4 Things to Bring with You When Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping involves more than just showing up for your appointment at our bridal salon in Royal Palm Beach. You'll want to come equipped with a few things, such as the proper undergarments and an open mind. Keep reading for a list of items you'll want to be sure to bring along with you when shopping for that perfect bridal gown.

1. Photos of Dresses You Like. 
There's no doubt that you've been dreaming of what your wedding dress will look like from the moment you got engaged, and possibly even before that. Bring dress ideas with you to help your consultant get an idea of what styles you like. However, be sure to keep an open mind. If you come in wanting a specific style dress, and then try it on and don't like the way it looks on you, you're going to be disappointed. Bring photos of dresses you like, but don't get your heart set on something before trying several dresses on.

2. Your Wedding Shoes. 
You should bring your wedding shoes, or at least…

5 Unique Ideas for Your Holiday Wedding

The holiday season will be here before you know it, and if you're planning a winter wedding, now's the time to start finalizing all your plans. Whether you're getting married in the snowy mountains somewhere or right here in Florida, there are a variety of holiday themed ideas you could incorporate into your event. Today's blog from Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches offers some unique holiday wedding ideas that you can use for your winter wedding. If the holiday season is your favorite time of year, then this blog is for you. Enjoy!

1. Incorporate Some Holiday Bling. 
After you've found the perfect dress at our South Florida bridal salon, it's time to accessorize. If you're having a holiday wedding, consider adding a pop of red to your wedding attire. Red shoes or some red jewelry really shout holidays. If you're going for something a little more subtle, find some snowflake jewelry and maybe do some light blue or silver sparkly shoes.

2. Get Festive wi…

How to Create a Budget for Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the most expensive things you'll ever have to pay for. The costs can easily spiral out of control if you're not sticking to a budget. Today's blog from your favorite South Florida bridal boutique offers some tips for creating a wedding budget.

1. Be on the Same Page as Your Spouse.
When coming up with a budget for your wedding, a day you've been dreaming about since  you were a little girl, it's easy to get carried away. Be sure to discuss the budget with your future husband to make sure you're both on the same page. Once you're married, you won't be the only one calling the shots on your finances anymore.

2. Don't Go Into Debt.
One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a wedding budget is that you don't want to go into debt. Consider what you can reasonably afford without racking up the credit cards. If you don't have enough cash to pull off the wedding you want, consider extending your engagement to …

Who to Bring with You When Wedding Dress Shopping

The best part of the wedding planning process is choosing the dress. Your wedding day is one of the most spectacular days of your life and you want to look amazing. While you want to pick a dress that you love, you'll want some friends and family by your side to help you make the decision. Today's blog addresses who you should consider bringing with you to our bridal boutique in the Palm Beaches.

Mother of the Bride 
Probably the most important person to bring along with you during your Florida wedding dress shopping trip is your mom. Growing up, mom always helped you learn how to make the right decisions. Now she can be by your side while you try on those beautiful gowns and help you decide which look is best for you.

Mother of the Groom
While it's obvious you want your own mom there to help you find the perfect dress, be sure to include your soon-to-be husband's mom as well. Her baby boy is getting married, and it's important to make her feel welcome and needed t…