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Which Gown Is Right For Your Body Type?

Every bride deserves to look and feel stunning on her wedding day. The right wedding gown should highlight your natural beauty by perfectly complementing your body's best features. If you're wondering which dress style will be right for you, our bridal gown consultant in Palm Beach is here to help you with your search.

What's Your Body Type?

Women's bodies are beautifully diverse. Realistically, it is impossible to lump all of body types into a few simple categories. Since it would be equally impossible to discuss all of these body types in a single post, however, we are going to focus on four general shapes for the purpose of today's blog: hourglass, petite, plus size, and lean. Keep reading to learn what styles of dresses may best fit each of these body types.

Perhaps the most classically feminine figure, the hourglass body type is characterized by balanced hips and bust, offset by a narrow, well-defined waist. If you have an hourglass figure, form-fitting …

What To Bring To Your Wedding Dress Appointment

The first dress shopping appointment is one of the most exciting moments in a bride's life. It is often the time that really brings the engagement to life - the time that the dream of getting married finally starts to feel real. At Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches, we recognize what a momentous event your bridal appointment is, and we strive to do everything we can to ensure that your experience is everything you hoped it would be. This week, we're here to help you prepare for your day by offering this quick list of things you should bring to your appointment. 

Pictures Of Gowns You Like A picture is worth a thousand words. Our bridal gown consultant in Palm Beach FL is here to help you find the dress that perfectly matches your vision for your wedding, but we need your help to do it. Browse photos of wedding dresses prior to your appointment, and bring your favorites in to show us. We can help you find the gowns that will match the style you like.
Hair Ties/Clips As you try on …

5 Secrets To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Your wedding will be one of the most special events of your life. It is the start of an entirely new chapter, the celebration of two lives becoming one. Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, but perhaps no aspect of wedding planning is as thrilling as choosing the dress. As the best bridal boutique in South Florida, we take great pride in helping our brides find the perfect dresses to wear while they say "I do."

What Constitutes A "Perfect" Wedding Dress?

We cannot say what style, color, or fit constitutes the perfect wedding dress, as every bride has a different image of her dream dress. While it will be up to you to decide what your ideal dress looks like, we can say this about all dream wedding gowns:
It will perfectly match your unique personality and flair.It will effortlessly blend in with the overall style and theme of your wedding.It will make you feel more beautiful than you ever have before.
Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress
Whether you are planning an ele…

Different Wedding Colors Bring About Different Feelings

Some people know exactly what colors they want to use for their wedding the moment they get engaged, others have a little more trouble deciding. Browsing the rainbow of colors among our beautiful South Florida bridesmaid dresses may help with that choice. 

Today, Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches has also pulled together some of the feelings that are often associated with different colors. This information may be exactly what you need to push you toward a color decision. 

This bold shade is the color of fire, and it brings about thoughts of love, passion, desire, strength, and power. It is also associated with energy, so if you are planning a wedding with lots of activity, this could be a good one to choose. Darker shades can bring about a more passionate feeling, while lighter shades, like pink, can evoke feelings of a sweeter, romantic nature. 

Bright like a warm, summer day, the color yellow is often associated with joy, intellect, and energy. It seems to bring about happine…

The Perfect Bridal Gowns For 5 Popular Wedding Themes

Sometimes, a bride comes into our South Florida bridal salon with a theme for her wedding already in mind, and other times it's the style of the wedding dress that she falls in love with that ends up setting the theme. Some gowns simply exude a special aura that takes your thoughts to a particular place. It can be different for every person, but here are a few that Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches believes would work wonderfully for these types of weddings.  

Fairy Tale
More often than not, a bride with a love of all things romantic which begin with "Once upon a time..." and always end with "...happily ever after!" will desire a ball gown. This wedding dress looks as if a fairy godmother created it with a wave of her magic wand. The layers of organza in the skirt will make a lovely bride look as if she is floating down the aisle. 

A classically romantic sweetheart neckline and luxurious lace make up an excellent dress to wear in a country-themed wedding. F…