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Mother of the Bride & Groom Gowns

After you find your dream bridal gown in Palm Beach, it’s time to outfit the rest of your bridal party and close family. Your bridesmaids and flower girl(s) will be next, and once they are ready to go for your big day, it’s time to help your mom and future mother in law look their best. October 28th is Mother in Law Day, and because both women will be a mother in law to you or your significant other, we wanted to take some time to provide tips on what they can wear for your wedding.

Who Chooses First?
It is traditionally customary for the bride’s mother to choose her outfit first. However, anything goes now. The best bet is for the mother’s to both work together so that they complement each other without matching or clashing too strongly.

What Colors Should They Wear?
It’s important that each woman matches the wedding, but doesn’t look exactly like the bridal party. You don’t want your mom or your husband's mom to be wearing the exact color or style as the bridesmaids. A good rule o…

Wedding Dress Terms That Could Be Helpful

After the ring is on your finger you get whisked into a whole new world of charmeuse fabric and bustles. Your wedding gown will feel like one of the first and biggest decisions that you’ll make about your wedding day - and rightly so. When choosing a bridal gown in Palm Beach, you’ll want to consider material, length, and how it matches your theme. From the silhouettes and designs to the materials and cuts, there are lists of lingo that can seem overwhelming. Your local bridal boutique in Palm Beach is here to help. Over the next few months, we’ll tackle a few terms that will be helpful while wedding dress shopping in Florida!

The SilhouettesA-Line
This dress is narrow at the bodice with vertical seams that flow down to a skirt that is slightly flared out.

The bottom of the skirt, as well as layers of fabric making up the skirt, is cut diagonally.

Ball Gown
This princess style has a fitted bodice that comes in at the waist and then flairs out to a full, floor length skirt. I…

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Here comes the bride! You’re all dressed in white, you have your hair and makeup on point, and the music has been cued. It takes a lot of time and planning to get to this moment, but it’s just the beginning of the ceremony. If you are a bride who is stumped on the order of ceremony, we can help. There are really only a few basic parts to a wedding ceremony, and like all wedding traditions today, it can be customized and rearranged to fit your exact needs. Here at Bridal Couture, we see many brides who are at many different stages of wedding planning, so we want to provide you with a little insight if you’re stumped at this part.

Your Order of Events
The Processional This is the beginning of your big ceremony. The members of your family and wedding party will now make their way down the aisle to a designated seat or at the front by the altar - depending on what role they will play. This generally starts with grandparents and then works it’s way to parents, groom, officiants, wedding pa…

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Gown

Your girls will be standing by you as you prepare for your wedding day. From helping you find the perfect wedding favors to oohing and ahhhhing over you when you find the perfect wedding gown in Palm Beach, Florida. Many brides are taking a more relaxed approach to bridesmaids dresses, but whether you want everyone to be matched perfectly or wear a style all their own - we have something for everyone. Here are a few tips for choosing the bridesmaid dresses for a Florida wedding.

Start Looking The first step is finding the types of dresses you like. Whether you want everyone to match in style, color, or material, there are a lot of options out there, and you’ll need to know what you like. We stock three incredible designers in our bridal salon in Palm Beach: Morilee by Madeline Gardner, Morilee Affairs, and Morilee AF Couture. All three of these lines are incredibly beautiful, and your bridesmaids will look amazing. Be sure to visit our website to look through the dresses. Add them to …