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The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Thank You Cards

When your wedding is over and you've returned from your honeymoon, your duties as the bride aren't quite over yet. You know all those wonderful gifts that everyone gave you? Show your gratitude by sending out thank you cards. Today's blog from your favorite bridal boutique in South Florida offers some advice on do's and don'ts when it comes to those wedding thank yous.

Wedding Thank You Card Do's 
Here are a few things you want to make sure you do when writing out your thank you cards.

1. Start writing the cards early. 
Depending on how many attendees you had at your wedding, and those that didn't attend, but sent gifts, you're likely going to have a lot of thank you notes to write. Start early, like as soon as you get back from your honeymoon, and don't try to get them all done in one day.

2. Make each thank you card personalized. 
While it may take extra time, it's important add at least one personal note about the gift someone gave you. This se…

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most important and most exciting aspects of the wedding planning process is deciding what to wear. There's nothing more fun than trying on wedding gowns in front of your family and friends! But how do you find the perfect dress for your big day? Follow these tips from the best bridal shop in South Florida:

1. Find Some Inspiration Online. 
Before you even step foot into the bridal salon, do some online searches to get an idea of what you like best. Think about shape, fabric textures, details and embellishments. Browsing some gowns ahead of time will help you focus so that you're not completely overwhelmed when you walk into a wedding dress store.

2. Choose an Ideal Vibe for the Big Day. 
The overall feel and vibe of the wedding will affect your wedding dress selection. Are you doing a daytime wedding or night time wedding? Indoor or outdoor? Winter or Summer? Are you going for the garden goddess or palace princess feel? You want to choose a dress that not only fits …

Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

The biggest day of your life is finally here, and of course you want it to go off without a hitch. Creating a wedding day timeline is an important step in the wedding planning process. Having a good estimate about when certain aspects of the ceremony and reception should happen will help keep the day organized. A wedding planner or at least an event coordinator the day of can help you keep to your wedding day timeline.  Keep reading for some tips from your favorite bridal store in South Florida on creating the perfect timeline for your wedding day!

1. Create a Timeline from Scratch. 
Sure, you can Google wedding day timelines and come up with plenty of options. However, your wedding day is a unique situation, created just for you. Instead of trying to copy someone else's timeline and make changes, you should start your wedding day timeline from scratch. Use your ceremony time for a starting point, then add in events and tasks that need to be completed prior to that time and after …

Dresses Perfect for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

The holiday season is approaching and a popular wedding theme for this time of year is a winter wonderland. For those of you that are from up North and are traveling back home for your wedding this winter, it's the perfect theme. Even if you're getting married in Southern Florida, an indoor wedding could easily be transformed into a gorgeous winter wonderland. Today's blog from your favorite bridal boutique in Florida features some of our gowns that would be perfect for a winter wedding.

Kimberly Wedding Dress This princess ballgown features a sweetheart neckline and Alencon lace on tulle. A wide hemline and decorative horsehair bands trim the edge of the skirt. A zipper back closure trimmed in covered buttons completes the look. It's available in 3 lengths: 55", 58" and 61". Color options include white, ivory and ivory/creme.

Kiara Wedding Dress This classic bridal ballgown features a dazzling crystallized bodice on a tulle skirt. Embroidered appliques an…