Popular Wedding Dress Necklines

When it comes time to choose your wedding gown, there is a lot that you need to think about in terms of styles. There are lot of options to choose from - dress length, material, color, silhouette style, necklines and more! Our job here at Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches is to help you decide which style is best for your personal style and body type. That's why today, our Bridal Boutique in South Florida would like to talk about necklines in today's blog. Below, we have three popular necklines to consider when choosing the perfect gown for your big day!

1. Sweetheart Both feminine and romantic, the sweetheart neckline is a popular choice for wedding gowns. This neckline closely follows the contours of the bust and is known for looking like the top of heart. The look can be complete with or without straps. The sweetheart neckline is a great choice for those brides with an average bust size. Those with a large bust may find the sweetheart neckline too revealing, while those wi…

Must Have Wedding Photos!

When your big day finally comes there is going to be a lot going on. Even though at times your wedding day can be stressful, having photos to remember all of the details from your wedding day is something you will cherish forever! If you are planning to hire a photographer, as most brides and grooms do, it's important to communicate with them the photos you would like for them to capture throughout the day. Making a list before your wedding day and giving it to your photographer is the best way to ensure you get the photos you are hoping for. Today, our bridal boutique in South Florida has a list of photo ideas to help you get your list started!

Getting Ready  While the main focus is on the ceremony and the reception, don't forget to take photos of getting ready. Have your photographer take pictures of you and your girls getting ready, as well as the groom and his boys. Have your photographer capture these shots:

The Wedding Dress on a Hanger The Bride's Jewelry, Shoes &…

Reduce the Stresses of Wedding Planning with These 5 Tips!

If you're in the midst of wedding planning there is probably a good chance that you've felt stressed or overwhelmed somewhere along the way. Even if you are just starting out, thinking about your to-do list can be overwhelming. We see a lot of Brides at our bridal boutique in South Florida, and often their wedding planning journey has just begun. We understand that wedding planning can be stressful at times and that's why today we have five tips to reduce the stresses of wedding planning!

#1 Stick to your Wedding Budget. Don't put yourself in a bind and learn when to say “no” when it comes to wedding decisions. If it's over budget, then it's over budget – either look for a cheaper option or move on without it. The point here is to not stress yourself out by spending too much money.
#2 Give yourself a breather. While you are spending your days, handling RSVPs for your guest list, dealing with the caterer, and hassling with the florist – DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE…

Wedding Dress Fabrics

Our wedding dresses in Royal Palm Beach are made from the most beautiful fabrics. If you've never been wedding dress shopping, you may not realize the vast amount of fabrics that your dress can be made from. Each fabric will create a different look for each gown and depending on the look you are going for will determine which type of dress fabric is right for you. Today, our bridal boutique in South Florida would like to share with you a few of the popular fabric types.

Tulle This fabric is a sheer netting which can be made of silk, nylon, or rayon. Tulle is the fabric that tutus are made of, and for wedding dresses, it is generally used to make full, bouncy skirts and for veils.
Satin Possibly the most often used due to its extreme versatility, durability, and style, this fabric has a smooth, somewhat shiny finish and lots of body. It works beautifully for creating gowns that are ruched, draped, or structured in any way. It is a heavier fabric, perfect for weddings in cooler te…

5 Things You Might Not Expect When Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is something that most girls dream about for a very long time! Dress shopping is a lot of fun and finding the dress you will get married in is an experience of a lifetime. However, there may be some aspects of wedding dress shopping that you aren't expecting. Our bridal boutique in South Florida has a lot of experience with how the wedding dress shopping experience goes and today we'd like to share with you a few things you may not expect to happen when choosing your dress.

1 - You Can't Judge A Dress By Its Hanger Like books, wedding dresses often look very different at first glance. It is not uncommon for certain gowns to look less than flattering when draped on the hanger, but to then look fabulous once they being worn. Don't make the mistake of bypassing your dream gown because you judged it for its appearance on the hanger. If your consultant recommends a certain dress for you, it is often worth taking the time to try it on before making a d…

Wedding Dress Tips For Your Destination Wedding

Are you planning a destination wedding? Destination weddings are a lot of fun for both the bride and groom and the people attending your wedding! If you are going far enough to have to travel by airplane, something you may not have considered yet is how you will transport your wedding dress. After you find the perfect wedding gown at our bridal boutique in Royal Palm Beach, the last thing you want to happen is for it to get damaged in transit - or worse, lost! That's why today, your favorite bridal store in South Florida has some advice for getting your wedding dress safely to your destination wedding.

Don't take your eyes off of it! You bridal gown is most definitely an item that you do not want to pack away with your checked baggage. Keep it with you as a carry-on item. That is the only way to ensure that it will not get lost in transit and end up where you are not.

Once on the plane, most flight attendants will be happy to help you find a safe spot for your dress. Occasio…

Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

When you're planning your wedding, planning for all of the fun details like choosing a wedding dress, picking out the food you will serve, and choosing the perfect music is a big part of wedding planning and often what people think about first. However, the most important part of your wedding day and the reason for the big celebration is your wedding ceremony! When you exchange your vows it will be the most special moment of your wedding. Do you plan to write your own vows? Writing your own vows can seem nerve-wracking but will add a personal touch to your wedding that you will cherish forever. Today, Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches has some advice and tips for writing your vows.

Jot Down Notes About Your Relationship. 
From the moment you set eyes on each other through the journey you've experienced so far together, there are plenty of memories you can draw from to write your vows. Talk about funny and happy moments, just be sure to exclude anything too embarrassing. Be su…