What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear?

Though you may not be the official star of the show, as the mother of the bride you deserve to look and feel fabulous on your daughter's big day. Celebrating your daughter's marriage is a truly special occasion, and it's important that the mother of the bride (as well as the mother of the groom) choose a dress that will make you stand out in your role while maintaining cohesion with the bridal party.

If your daughter is getting married soon, our bridal salon in West Palm Beach is here to help you select the perfect attire for the big day. We've compiled a few simple guidelines to help focus you in your search. It's important that the mother of the groom be kept in the loop so she can select the proper attire as well, so we've also included a few tips to facilitate that communication.

Selecting The Color

Traditionally, mothers of the bride are supposed to avoid the following shades: 
  • White, Ivory, and Champagne - these colors may blend too closely with the bride's gown
  • Red or other bright, flashy colors - these tones may overshadow the bride and bridal party
  • Black - this color represents mourning and, as such, is traditionally considered inappropriate for a wedding

Of course, modern mothers of the bride do not have to be restricted to these traditions if they do not want to be. The only thing that really matters is that you communicate with your daughter's plans so that you can avoid clashing with the bridesmaid dresses.

Choosing The Style

The only real restriction is that you are expected not to upstage your daughter on her special day. In keeping with this rule, mothers of the bride are traditionally expected to wear elegant and flattering, yet modest, gowns. However, you are ultimately free to choose whatever style of gown fits your personality, style, and figure. Our only important suggestion is that you consult with your bride to see if she has any opinions on your attire. It's her day, after all - you'll want to find a dress that meshes with her vision.

Communicating With The Mother Of The Groom

Traditionally, mothers of the bride were expected to select their gowns first. Once they had chosen their attire, they were expected to communicate with the mother of the groom so that the latter could find a dress that would match the formality and style of the former's. 

In modern weddings, mothers of the bride and groom are not necessarily required to follow this timeline. It is still recommended that you communicate with the mother of the groom, though, so that the two of you can find styles that will complement each other on the big day.

Planning Your Timeline

Choosing the perfect gown may take a while, so it's important to give yourself plenty of time. We recommend that you begin the process as soon as you can. If you are going to put it off for some reason (perhaps you want to give yourself time to shed a few pounds, or maybe you tend to put off shopping in general), it may be wise to communicate with the mother of the groom so that she knows you are planning to wait. This way she will know she is free to go ahead with her search, in case she was planning to go the traditional route and wait to see what you purchased first. 

We Can Help You Find The Perfect Dress

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you and your daughter to find the gown that will be perfect for her special day. All that matters is that you work together to select a style that will match the day, and that you keep the mother of the groom in the loop so that she can find the perfect dress as well. 

If you are shopping for mother of the bride dresses in Palm Beach, consider setting up an appointment at our bridal salon in Royal Palm Beach. In addition to an outstanding selection of gorgeous bridal gowns, we offer a great selection of mother of the bride dresses for you to choose from. Call 561-793-4633 to schedule your private appointment today.

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