3 Tips for Choosing a Bachelorette Party Location

Often times when we think about Bachelorette Parties, we envision a crazy night in Vegas. However, you can't go wrong with a quiet girls getaway to the beach either. With so many options on where to spend some time with your girls before the big day, how do you choose? Whether you're the bride or the maid of honor planning the party, today's blog from your favorite bridal gown store in West Palm Beach has some tips to help:

1. Start with a Budget.

Not only should the bachelorette party be a great night for the bride, everyone should be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about the expense. Take into consideration who all would be attending the party and what their financial situations look like. You don't want one of the bride's best friends to count herself out on account of the price. Come up with a reasonable budget and run it by everyone before you get to involved with the rest of the planning.

2. Consider the Different Personalities.

While some people love to spend a night out at the clubs drinking and dancing, others aren't about that scene. Consider the bride and her interests first, and then consider the personalities of the rest of the attendees. If some like to party while others don't, maybe you can meet in the middle and do a wine tour with a fancy dinner. Are the girls adventurous or is relaxing on the beach more their style? You want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time - and the location is key for both.

3. Evaluate the Time Frame.

Depending on when the wedding is and how soon the bachelorette party will need to be, some party locations may be out of the question. For example, if you're planning to go to Mexico or somewhere else out of the country, attendees will need time to get passports and book flights. Something closer to home will be better for a short time frame. In addition, consider everyone's work schedules. Will the girls need a certain amount of time to ask off work? Will the party take place over a weekend or an entire week? Time will be an important factor in choosing a location. 

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