Who to Bring with You When Wedding Dress Shopping

The best part of the wedding planning process is choosing the dress. Your wedding day is one of the most spectacular days of your life and you want to look amazing. While you want to pick a dress that you love, you'll want some friends and family by your side to help you make the decision. Today's blog addresses who you should consider bringing with you to our bridal boutique in the Palm Beaches.

Mother of the Bride 

Probably the most important person to bring along with you during your Florida wedding dress shopping trip is your mom. Growing up, mom always helped you learn how to make the right decisions. Now she can be by your side while you try on those beautiful gowns and help you decide which look is best for you.

Mother of the Groom

While it's obvious you want your own mom there to help you find the perfect dress, be sure to include your soon-to-be husband's mom as well. Her baby boy is getting married, and it's important to make her feel welcome and needed too.

Maid of Honor

Aside from your mom, your maid of honor has been there for you a lot. Who better to help you choose the perfect wedding gown than her? If she's a true friend, she'll be able to be honest about how you look in the dresses you try on. You may even find cute bridesmaid dresses while you're searching for your perfect dress.


If you have sisters or the groom has sisters, you may want to include them as well. There's a special bond between sisters, and they typically have no problem telling you like it is either. They would make a great addition to your wedding dress shopping team.

Who NOT to Bring 

The most important thing to remember when asking people to go wedding dress shopping with you is that you don't want too many different opinions. The more opinions you have, the harder the choice of which dress to get is going to be. While it may be tempting to bring all 6 of your bridesmaids, less is definitely more in this scenario. Keep the number of people down to 3-4, so that it stays fun and not stressful. Only consider bringing those people who's opinion matters to you the most.

Once you've chosen your entourage to accompany you on the exciting wedding dress hunt, it's time to make an appointment. Give Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches a call at 561-793-4633. We offer an exceptional variety of wedding gowns at our South Florida bridal store. Our selection offers something for every bride!

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