Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is finding the perfect wedding cake. With so many cake flavors and icing choices, where do you start? Today's blog from South Florida's best bridal boutique offers some tips to help you find the perfect cake for your special day!

1. Consider the Location and Climate. 

Determine your venue before getting your heart set on a certain type of cake. If your wedding is in Florida and outside, you'll want to think about the type of icing you choose very carefully. Fondant will withstand the heat better than a delicate buttercream.

2. Shop Around for Your Baker. 

The best part about choosing a wedding cake is getting to taste test all the varieties. Be sure to shop around for the right baker. Just because their cakes look pretty, doesn't mean they taste good. You want a combination of good looks and great taste. Ask around for recommendations; word-of-mouth is the best way to track down a great baker.

3. Come Up with a Budget. 

Talk with your fiance and/or wedding planner to determine where your cake falls on the list of wedding priorities. From there, determine what kind of budget you have to spend on a cake. The price of a cake is typically determined by the amount of servings you need, but the type of decorations you choose can greatly impact the price as well.

4. Look Online for Inspiration. 

While you don't want to get your heart set on one specific cake, you can definitely use social media for inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start. Pick a few cakes that you like the look of so that your baker can get an idea of your style and tastes.

5. Start Searching Early. 

Don't wait until the last minute to try to find your perfect cake. While other aspects of the wedding may seem more important, don't neglect the cake. Most bakeries have their custom cakes scheduled out weeks in advance. Depending on how elaborate your design is, the baker may need some experimentation time and special ingredients may have to be tracked down. Make sure you have plenty of time to get exactly what you want.

From the wedding cake to your wedding dress, you want everything to be perfect on your big day! Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches is here to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams. We offer the best selection of affordable bridal gowns at our bridal salon in the Palm Beaches. Call 561-793-4633 to make an appointment today! 

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