Advice for the Father of the Bride

Wedding planning can be a great time of bonding between mother and daughter. Don't forget about dad though; a wedding is a special time for him as well, as he prepares to give his daughter away. In honor of Father's Day this weekend, Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches wanted to offer some advice for the Father of the Bride.

1. Plan a Budget. 

Traditionally, the Father of the Bride pays for most of the wedding expenses. While times have changed, chances are you're still going to pay for something. Be sure to sit down with your daughter and the groom to discuss how much you have available to spend on the wedding and help them come up with a reasonable budget. Show your support, but don't be afraid to set boundaries as well. Weddings can easily become super expensive if you don't start with a plan and a budget.

2. Write Your Speech Early. 

As the Father of the Bride, you will be expected to give a small speech at the reception. Don't wait until the last minute to come up with something to say. Prepare your speech ahead of time, before the whirlwind that is the wedding takes over and you can't think of anything to say. Start by introducing yourself and thanking everyone for coming. Then just speak from your heart about how proud of your daughter you are and how much you love her. Don't forget to mention a quick tidbit about your new son-in-law as well.

3. Consider Dance Lessons. 

Whether you're dancing with your daughter or dancing with your wife, you're sure to have the spotlight on you sometime during the reception. While some dads are super confident here, others are not. If dancing isn't your thing, you might consider taking a few dance lessons prior to the big day. Just remember that this is a special moment between you and your daughter, whether the dancing is spectacular or not. Not only is this a time for you to dance, but it's a time to get away from everyone else and have just a couple minutes just the two of you.

4. Play Host to the Guests. 

Even if you didn't contribute financially to the wedding, you can do your part by playing host. Your daughter is going to be super busy and overwhelmed on her wedding day, so you can easily help her out by welcoming guests and thanking them for coming on behalf of the bride and groom. This will take some pressure off your daughter so that she can enjoy more of her night without worrying about speaking with every single attendee.

5. Just Be There for Her. 

One of the best ways you can help out with the wedding is just by being there for your daughter and showing your support. Be someone that she can talk to when she needs someone to talk to. Ask your daughter if there are any little bits that you can help out with. Between working with the vendors and dealing with the wedding party, your daughter can easily get stressed out. It's important that you just be there for a sounding board for advice.

Happy Father's Day from the best bridal boutique in South Florida! To all our brides out there, be sure that you include your dad in some of the wedding planning process. While he may not be into helping with every little detail, knowing you trust his opinion on some things will be just enough to make him feel special.

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