Different Wedding Colors Bring About Different Feelings

Some people know exactly what colors they want to use for their wedding the moment they get engaged, others have a little more trouble deciding. Browsing the rainbow of colors among our beautiful South Florida bridesmaid dresses may help with that choice. 

Today, Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches has also pulled together some of the feelings that are often associated with different colors. This information may be exactly what you need to push you toward a color decision. 

This bold shade is the color of fire, and it brings about thoughts of love, passion, desire, strength, and power. It is also associated with energy, so if you are planning a wedding with lots of activity, this could be a good one to choose. Darker shades can bring about a more passionate feeling, while lighter shades, like pink, can evoke feelings of a sweeter, romantic nature. 

Bright like a warm, summer day, the color yellow is often associated with joy, intellect, and energy. It seems to bring about happiness in a room, and it's a great attention-getter, so it makes a wonderful accent color. If you are going for a more subtle, romantic feel, you may want to use a light shade with white, but it really stands out when used with darker colors. 

Symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, and truth, blue is often associated with outdoor things like a clear sky or a beautiful body of water. It is a very calming and tranquil shade, and can be used easily in any season. Fresh in the warmer months, and offering a lovely chill when it's cold outside.  

Orange combines the fire of red lightened slightly by the happy shade of yellow. It's excellent for a wedding with a tropical feel. The color represents attraction, fascination, creativity, and happiness. A reddish-orange can be a very passionate combination, while a lighter, peach color is more subtle and sweeter. 

Often associated with royalty, dark purple is a shade fit for a king & queen. It embodies blue's stability with red's energy. This color is also linked with luxury and extravagance. If you choose to go with a lighter lavender, the color may appear more ethereal and magical. It makes a lovely statement, whether worn in dark or pastel.  

Even more than blue, green makes a person think of nature. Fresh green grass, trees full of leaves, and the healthy growth of all things outdoors. It has been said to suggest stability and endurance, both wonderful traits to associate with a wedding. 

White, or a shade of white, is generally left to the bride and her beautiful wedding dress. A mostly white wedding can be very crisp and clean, especially for a winter reception, and it can take on the traits of any accent colors used with it. 

A very elegant color, extremely formal weddings generally have lots of black included in the fashion and even decor. Just as with white, the accent color that you choose to use along with black can change its effect dramatically. 

Many other factors figure into the color that you will choose for your wedding, but if you have been unsure of which to use, hopefully the traits above will help with your inspiration for a final choice. As for your wedding fashion, the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses in our Palm Beach bridal boutique are available in a multitude of colors; solids, florals, and patterns. 

The style of each gown will work with the color that you choose to bring the look and feeling you are desiring for your wedding celebration. Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches would love to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Make an appointment soon and come in to take a look. 

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