5 Tips For Planning A Wedding On A Holiday Weekend

May is officially here, which means that Memorial Day Weekend is only a few weeks away. Generally considered the unofficial kick-off to the summer season, Memorial Day Weekend is often a favorite choice for couples and families looking to get away for a few days. If you're in the early planning stage of your wedding, you may also find that the holiday weekend is a great time to get married.

Weddings On Holiday Weekends

While some people are initially surprised to hear about couples who choose to get married on holiday weekends, the truth is that there are several benefits to choosing these dates. Since many people get three-day weekends for official government holidays, traveling to a destination wedding (such as for couples getting married in South Florida) may be easier. Since you may also get an extra day off for the holiday, you may have to take fewer vacation days for your wedding - and get to enjoy long weekends over your anniversary for years to come!

Tips For Planning A Wedding On A Holiday Weekend

Of course, planning a wedding over a holiday weekend can pose a few complications as well. If you're planning to get married over Memorial Day Weekend (or any other government holiday), these tips may help you avoid any unnecessary challenges.

1. Book Your Venue Well In Advance.
In addition to weddings, holiday weekends are prime times for family reunions and other big gatherings. For this reason, venues designed to accommodate large groups of people may be harder to come by. In order to ensure that are able to get married in the venue of your dreams, it would be smart to book your venue well over a year in advance if you want your date to fall on a holiday weekend.

2. Give People Plenty Of Notice.
Because holiday weekends are a popular time for vacations and family travel, it's wise to give your guests plenty of notice if you are planning to get married on or near a holiday weekend. They might be able to incorporate your wedding destination into a fun weekend getaway (especially if you are planning a wedding in South Florida!), but it's important to give them plenty of time in which to do so.

3. Be Aware That Some People Won't Come.
Even if you give people plenty of heads up, be prepared for a percentage of your guest list to skip your big day. Traveling to your destination may be difficult or impossible for some of your guests, and others may have already committed to different plans for the holiday. Don't take it personally if some people can't make it to your wedding.

4. Be Prepared To Spend More.
The travel and entertainment industries tend to get particularly busy around holiday weekends. Because their services are in higher demand, many businesses charge more during peak days. If you are planning to get married around a holiday weekend, be aware that hotels, airfare, venues, and even vendors may cost more than usual.

5. Anticipate Being Asked To Expand Your Guest List
Most people want to spend holiday weekends with friends and family. Some people on your guest list may be excited to incorporate your wedding into their holiday vacation, but they may ask if it's alright for the family they're traveling with to tag along. Discuss how you feel about extra "plus ones" with your groom ahead of time so that you are prepared to answer this question if/when it arises.

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