Wedding Gown Traditions Around The World

When you think of a wedding dress, what comes to mind?

Many Americans picture brides as visions in white - women gowned in spectacular white dresses adorned with lace, rhinestones, or other adornments. Wedding gowns come in a variety of different lengths and fashions, but the color is generally consistent. Though white is still the most popular color for wedding dresses in the United States, styles are beginning to change a bit as the wedding industry continues to evolve. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find brides in ivory, light gold, blush, or other neutral-toned dresses. 

Of course, wedding dress styles are not universal - the color-schemes and trends we just discussed are primarily unique to our Western culture. In some areas of the world, brides look dramatically different than they do here in the States. This week, our bridal salon in West Palm Beach is here to take a quick look at some of the different bridal fashions in other parts of the world.

Nigerian bridal fashions vary depending by the individual ethnic groups within the country, but in general, brides in this country wear dresses in a single bright color, such as orange. They also commonly wear a Gele, which is a traditional Nigerian headdress.

Traditional Japanese Bride
Not surprisingly, Japanese brides typically wear traditional kimonos during their ceremonies. Often, brides wear a traditional Japanese headdress and a kimono that is primarily white, in keeping with this popular symbol of purity. In some cases, brides may change into red kimonos for the reception or add a hint of red to their wedding kimono, as this color is thought to symbolize good luck.

Women aren't the only ones whose traditional wedding attire varies by country! In Scotland, grooms traditionally wear a kilt with the colors of his clan. Once the wedding ceremony is complete, the bride may don a shawl with these same colors to symbolize her union with her new family.

In addition to bringing good luck, Chinese people traditionally believe that the color red symbolizes love and prosperity and keeps away evil spirits. For this reason, both brides and grooms in China traditionally incorporate red into their wedding day attire.

Indian wedding attire is possibly one of the most famous styles in our world. Indian brides often wear bright, ornate saris (pink, red, and orange are common color choices) that are frequently accented with gold. 

What's Your Favorite Dress Style?
There are hundreds of different countries across the globe, each with their own unique wedding fashions and styles. A full list of the myriad of different bridal styles would be far too long to discuss in a single blog post, but these few examples should provide a general look at some of the different styles brides wear throughout the world.

What is your favorite wedding dress style? Do you prefer ornate ball gowns, slim and sleek gowns, fun and flirty dresses, one-shoulder, strapless, long-sleeve, or something else? 

No matter what your fancy is, you're sure to find a dress you love at our bridal salon in South Florida. We are proud to offer a great selection of dresses as stunning and unique as the brides who wear them. If you are shopping for wedding dresses in West Palm Beach, call 561-793-4633 to schedule your private appointment at Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches!

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