Tips for Dealing with Family Drama Prior To and During Your Wedding

When you get a large group of people together for an event, there's bound to be some drama. Weddings are a time when some family members haven't seen each other in years, often times by their own decision. Families bicker, it's just human nature, but you don't want them to bring that drama to your wedding. Keep reading for a few tips on dealing with family drama from your favorite South Florida bridal salon.

1. Reconstructed Families. 

Parents that are divorced, and often remarried, create a tricky situation when it comes to planning a wedding. While your divorced parents may be able to be civil around each other, others may not be so lucky. Hopefully your parents will put you first on your special day, but it doesn't hurt you to remind them to be polite to each other. If you have a seating chart for the reception, you might consider putting them at different tables just in case drama begins to ensue.

2. Interfering Parents. 

One of the biggest causes of wedding drama is the differing opinions of the bride and groom vs. their parents. The key to this type of situation is communication. From the second that the wedding planning begins, be sure to express your expectations. Make sure your family knows that their opinions are valid, but that you are going to make the right choices for you and your fiance. Calmly express how you feel and be prepared to compromise on some things, especially if they're helping you pay for the big day. Just remember to pick your battles wisely, and to put your foot down only when it counts.

3. Disagreeing In-Laws. 

Not only can parents and in-laws disagree with you, your fiance and your wedding plans, but they can disagree with each other. Let's face it, not everyone gets along with everyone. Don't try to force relationships between each other's families because it will just make the drama worse. Becoming one big happy family is a lengthy process, so don't try to cram the peace making into your wedding day. That will only add pressure to your special day. Settle for a truce for the time being and minimize contact between the two families to allow for all to have an enjoyable time at your wedding. Leave the "getting to know you" pieces and negotiations for a later date. The biggest thing to remember is, don't take sides!

4. People Taking Offense. 

Some personalities can easily be offended, often times without you even realizing it. A classic example is choosing bridesmaids. Obviously you want to choose those friends and family members closest to you. However, depending on your family relationships, a sister, sister-in-law or even a cousin could assume that they would be a bridesmaid. It can be tricky juggling what you want and everyone else's feelings. Be sure to explain your decisions and the reasons for them clearly to all those involved. Then be sure to make everyone feel included by giving them a job at the wedding. Maybe your cousin could greet people at the door and hand out the programs, or make sure everyone signs the guest book. There are plenty of ways for everyone to get involved and feel needed.

5. Jealous Siblings. 

If you have an older sister, jealousy can often come into play. Weddings are an emotional time. Not only does it possibly feel like they're losing you as a sibling, but you're enjoying this happiness that they haven't found yet. Older sisters who are not yet married, can easily feel a lack of self-confidence and concern about her own life. Take a gentle approach to the situation. Often times the feelings of jealousy can be mitigated with open communication. Make sure your sister knows that she's being heard and her feelings are important to you. Be sure to let her decide how involved she wants to be in the wedding. If she wants a task, give her one and if not, let it be. While less common, the same issue can arise with brothers. Just be sensitive to the situations at hand.

The same principles apply when you're wedding dress shopping at the best bridal boutique in the Palm Beaches. Avoid drama by only inviting a few close family members and friends to help you find the perfect dress - and don't invite people that don't get along. Having too many people with you can add to the stress and make finding your wedding dress confusing. If you're ready to start the search for the perfect attire for your wedding, make an appointment with Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches by calling 561793-4633 today.

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