6 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings, especially those on one of our gorgeous Florida beaches, take some extra planning compared to indoor weddings. Not only do you have to worry about a chance of rain, but you also need to take the heat into consideration. Today's blog from your favorite South Florida bridal boutique offers some tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding.

1. Dress for the Weather. 

One of the first steps in the wedding planning process is wedding dress shopping in Florida! If you're considering an outdoor wedding, you'll want to make sure you'll be comfortable in your dress in the heat. You'll want to pick a dress with lighter fabrics that breathe easily. Also think about your shoes for an outdoor wedding. Heels can easily get stuck in the ground, and if you're having a beach wedding, sandals might be your best option. 

2. Keep Everyone Cool & Hydrated. 

Summer is just around the corner and the weather, especially in Florida, can get quite hot. Make sure if you're having a summer wedding that you consider the comfort of your guests and yourself. Consider renting tents to provide some shade from the sun, and be sure to keep plenty of water available for people to stay hydrated. As for yourself, make sure you stay hydrated too. 

3. Avoid Sunburns and Bug Bites. 

While outdoor weddings can be amazing, you'll want to make sure everyone is not only cool, but also comfortable. Consider providing sunscreen and bug spray for your guests to use. You could setup stations with big bottles of both or you could get miniature bottles to hand out as wedding favors. Sunglass, parisols and hats also make for great favor ideas for an outdoor wedding. 

4. Protect the Wedding Cake. 

Be sure to keep your wedding cake indoors or in some type of refrigeration until just before its time to cut it. Cake doesn't do well in the heat and will melt easily if it gets too hot. When it is time to cut the cake, be sure to keep it away from any bugs and direct sunlight. Try to find a shady spot to cut the cake, like under that tent we mentioned before.

5. Use Nature in the Decor. 

One of the best parts about an outdoor wedding is that you can use the natural beauty of your venue in the decor. Not only does this look great, but it helps you save on decorations. Use an arch or trellis to accentuate the alter. Consider handing twinkling lights from the trees and shrubbery. Use pieces of nature to create the center pieces for your table instead of buying them at the store. Your options are endless. 

6. Have a Backup Plan. 

Don't let bad weather ruin your big day. Since you can't control the weather, it's a good idea to have a backup plan of where your ceremony and reception can be held if inclement weather occurs. This will allow you to have piece of mind that you don't have to cancel your big day due to mother nature. Make arrangements with your venue for some indoor space or rent a weather resistant tent. Hopefully you won't need it, but it's there just in case. 

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