12 Things to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping - Part 2

Last week, we started a list of things you should know about wedding dress shopping in South Florida. From keeping an open mind to coming up with a budget, there's a lot that goes in to finding that perfect look for your wedding day. Keep reading for part 2 of our list, featuring even more things to know!

7. Wear Heels to the Appointment.

Your dress is going to look a lot different with flip-flops than with high heels. Bring either your wedding shoes, or if you don't have them yet, a pair with a heel similar to the height of what you would like to wear on your wedding day. This will give you the best idea of how it will look, and give you a chance to walk in it with heels on.

8. Bring the Proper Undergarments.

Be sure to bring a variety of undergarments to try on with your dress, especially a strapless bra. It can be difficult to picture the perfect look with hot pink bra straps sticking out. Your best bet is to bring a nude thong and a nude strapless bra. You might want to bring Spanx as well.

9. Be Prepared to Try on A Lot of Gowns.

Unless you're really lucky, the first dress you try on probably isn't going to be "The One." Be prepared to try on a lot of gowns. Don't get frustrated if you've tried on dress after dress and still haven't found what you're looking for. Stay patient and keep an open mind until you've tried on the perfect dress. (However, do limit yourself per trip, as trying on too many dresses can make you feel overwhelmed. If you've hit that point, take a break.)

10. Try Posing in Various Angles.

Mirrors can be decieving. To get the best idea of how you'll look in the dress on your wedding day, try posing different ways and have a friend take your picture. This way you can see what the dress will look like in your photos, from the front to the back and the sides. Think about some of the shots you want to capture and try to imitate them while trying on dresses at the bridal salon.

11. Consider How You FEEL in the Dress.

Think about your favorite pieces of clothing and how they make you feel when you're wearing them. Do you get those same feelings when in your wedding dress? Do you like the fit, the feel of the fabric, the neckline? Be sure that you can move comfortably in your dress. You won't just be standing at the alter all night, you're going to need to be able to move around the dance floor at the reception.

12. Be 100% Sure Before Saying Yes.

A wedding dress is a big purchase and you don't want to rush into anything. You also don't want to jump on a dress just because your family and friends love it. You need to love it too! If you feel unsure about the dress at all, be sure to sleep on it before making the purchase. You need to know that it's YOUR dress before you commit to it.

Our bridal salon in the Palm Beaches is the perfect place to start your wedding dress shopping! We offer an exceptional choice of wedding gowns and bridal accessories at very attractive prices. Our promise at Bridal Couture of the Palm Beaches is to offer brides a truly enjoyable experience with our expertise and the full resources of the bridal salon during their scheduled appointment. Book your appointment with us today by calling 561-793-4633.

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