4 Wedding Jewelry Superstitions

Every bride wants their wedding to go off without a hitch. Are you a superstitious bride? If so, you might want to brush up on some of these superstitions revolving around the jewelry you choose to wear on your wedding day.

1. Wearing Pearls on Your Wedding Day is Unlucky. 

Pearls are believed to represent a bride's tears. Many cultures believe that pearls worn at a wedding hold future tears, which the bride will shed during an unhappy marriage. However, some cultures have a more positive outlook on those tears. They predict that the pearls will take the place of the bride's real tears, as there will be no need to cry during her happy marriage. If you're a superstitious person, you might want to just skip the pearls and wear something different just in case.

2. Wedding Jewelry Should Only Be Borrowed from Those with a Happy Marriage. 

Many brides choose to borrow jewelry from a family member or friend to wear on their wedding day. Whether you're borrowing it because of a love for the piece of jewelry or for sentimental value, it's important that the person your borrow it from is in a happy marriage. Some people believe that borrowing and wearing a piece of jewelry from someone in an unhappy marriage will risk the happiness of the bride in her upcoming marriage.

3. Brides Should Avoid Trying on Their Complete Wedding Outfit Before the Ceremony. 

While it can be tempting to try on your wedding gown along with everything from the veil and jewelry down to the shoes, brides should avoid doing so. Some superstitious people believe that you are tempting fate if you wear every aspect of  your bridal outfit altogether before the big day. Those brides that really want to try on everything together without the risk often just leave a single stitch open on their dress, which is sewn once they put it on for their wedding day, thus making the outfit complete.

4. Dropping the Wedding Ring During the Ceremony Means Your Marriage is Doomed. 

According to folklore, dropping the wedding ring during a marriage ceremony is extremely bad luck. Very superstitious people believe even believe that whoever drops the ring will be the first one to die. In addition, it is said to be unlucky to remove the wedding band once its been placed on the hand of the bride by the groom. If it falls off or is accidentally removed, the husband must be the one to replace it.

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