Mother of the Bride & Groom Gowns

After you find your dream bridal gown in Palm Beach, it’s time to outfit the rest of your bridal party and close family. Your bridesmaids and flower girl(s) will be next, and once they are ready to go for your big day, it’s time to help your mom and future mother in law look their best. October 28th is Mother in Law Day, and because both women will be a mother in law to you or your significant other, we wanted to take some time to provide tips on what they can wear for your wedding.

Who Chooses First?
It is traditionally customary for the bride’s mother to choose her outfit first. However, anything goes now. The best bet is for the mother’s to both work together so that they complement each other without matching or clashing too strongly.

What Colors Should They Wear?
It’s important that each woman matches the wedding, but doesn’t look exactly like the bridal party. You don’t want your mom or your husband's mom to be wearing the exact color or style as the bridesmaids. A good rule of thumb is for the mothers to wear colors that complement the wedding without being exactly the same. A few shades lighter than the wedding colors, or variations of the wedding color scheme are perfect. The goal is just that the dresses are distinct.

Should the Dresses Be a Specific Length?
This really comes down to what the women feel comfortable with. They don’t have to wear the exact same length, although many professionals feel that it creates a more balanced feel in the wedding photos. If you’re getting married on the beach or outdoors, shorter dresses may be appropriate. If you’re having an evening wedding or a black tie affair, long gowns may be the best.

Where Should You Choose the Gown?
Getting the mother’s dresses at a specialty bridal store is key to getting a more personalized experience. You can receive more attention from someone who is an expert in the field and can help answer questions, match colors, or guide you towards styles that work best for the wedding and body shapes.

When Should the Mother’s Gowns be Ordered?
Order your wardrobe at least 2 months in advance. You’ll want to have plenty of time for delivery, and then alterations. Alterations can take at least two weeks, so make sure that you aren’t pressed for time.

Make it Fun

This can be a great opportunity for the mom of the bride and the groom to work together and get to know each other. Give them the specifics like required color scheme and preferred length and let them find something that makes each of them feel like a queen. Don’t forget that while this is a big day for you and your spouse, it’s also a huge day for the mothers. They’ve worked hard all of these years to celebrate and your Florida wedding is going to be one for the books. We look forward to celebrating with your entire family as you arrive on your big day in your dream Palm Beach wedding dress from Bridal Couture.

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