Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Here comes the bride! You’re all dressed in white, you have your hair and makeup on point, and the music has been cued. It takes a lot of time and planning to get to this moment, but it’s just the beginning of the ceremony. If you are a bride who is stumped on the order of ceremony, we can help. There are really only a few basic parts to a wedding ceremony, and like all wedding traditions today, it can be customized and rearranged to fit your exact needs. Here at Bridal Couture, we see many brides who are at many different stages of wedding planning, so we want to provide you with a little insight if you’re stumped at this part.

Your Order of Events

The Processional

This is the beginning of your big ceremony. The members of your family and wedding party will now make their way down the aisle to a designated seat or at the front by the altar - depending on what role they will play. This generally starts with grandparents and then works it’s way to parents, groom, officiants, wedding party, flower girl, ring bearer, and finally - it ends with the bride and her escort if applicable.

Opening Words

The officiant will now say a few words to welcome everyone to your big day. He may thank the guests for attending, share a poem, or make a statement about what the ceremony means to you and your significant other.

Readings or Songs

If you want to include any readings or songs in your ceremony, this can be a good place to incorporate them. The officiant can introduce them, or you can move naturally from one person to the next.

Exchanging Vows

As a couple, you will decide whether you want to write your own vows or use traditional phrasing - you may even choose to do both. This will also be the part of the ceremony where the rings are exchanged as symbols of your marriage.

Unity Ceremony

If you will be incorporating any religious symbolism or ceremony into your wedding, this can be a great time to incorporate it. Many couples choose to do something that physically symbolizes their new union. It can involve candles or other props. Depending on the type of ceremony, you may want to make sure your officiant properly explains what you and your spouse will be doing, and what it means to you as a couple in case anyone in the crowd is unfamiliar with the practice.

The Kiss

This the part that everyone is waiting for. You may now seal your marriage with a kiss.

Final Blessings

Depending on the type of ceremony you are having, this will be the part where the officiant closes in prayer.

The Recessional

At this point, the officiant introduces you and your new spouse for the very first time! You can then make your way back up the aisle, followed by your wedding party and then the guests. From here, you’ll head to your reception.


You have now reached the end of your ceremony and can move on to the reception! It’s time to party with the people who mean the most to you. Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, but with the right team of people assisting you, it can be so much easier. As you approach your big day, make sure you've chosen the best of the best for your wedding gown from Palm Beach, FL. Our bridal salon in Florida only chooses the best wedding gowns for your big day. Let us help you find your dream wedding dress for your Florida wedding! We can't wait to see you with "the one."

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