Wedding Dress Terms That Could Be Helpful

After the ring is on your finger you get whisked into a whole new world of charmeuse fabric and bustles. Your wedding gown will feel like one of the first and biggest decisions that you’ll make about your wedding day - and rightly so. When choosing a bridal gown in Palm Beach, you’ll want to consider material, length, and how it matches your theme. From the silhouettes and designs to the materials and cuts, there are lists of lingo that can seem overwhelming. Your local bridal boutique in Palm Beach is here to help. Over the next few months, we’ll tackle a few terms that will be helpful while wedding dress shopping in Florida!

The Silhouettes

This dress is narrow at the bodice with vertical seams that flow down to a skirt that is slightly flared out.

The bottom of the skirt, as well as layers of fabric making up the skirt, is cut diagonally.

Ball Gown
This princess style has a fitted bodice that comes in at the waist and then flairs out to a full, floor length skirt. It has a lot of volume with a more formal and traditional bridal look.

With a fitted bodice down to a narrow and tailored look over the waist and hips, and then straight to the floor. This style has no flares and no poofs, but it’s not a fitted as a sheath.

This dress is Victorian in style, it has a fitted bodice with a skirt that starts right at the base of the chest and hangs down in a straight line to the floor.

From the chest to the knees, this dress is form fitting all the way. The fabric then flares out in a very dramatic fashion like a mermaid’s tail.

This style is close and form-fitting from the bodice down to the skirt. You may even notice a slit at the legs for easier walking.

The Lengths

This length has a full skirt that extends to just above the ankles.

Floor Length
Tea Length
Fairly self-explanatory but this skirt goes down to the floor. The hem is extended for a gentle glide which obscures the view of your shoes.

This dress is cocktail length and can reach from the knees to the ankles. The most common length is mid-calf.

This dress features a dual level skirt with the front being intermission length and then it extends gradually lower along the sides down to floor length in the back.

As the name implies, this skirt goes just to or below the knees.

Street Length
The skirt on this dress will be an inch or two below the knee.

This is also called a cocktail-length dress, and the skirt will reach mid-shin.

Skirt Styles

Ball Gown
This is fitted at the bodice and waist and then poofs out into a bell shape.

It’s fitted at the waist and then flares out into a tulip shape at the hem.

A loose skirt that flares out and has a ruffle at the hem.

Tiered Skirt
Front Slit
The slit on the front seam is usually along the leg and not in the middle. It allows for added movement.

This skirt style typically accents more sheath style dresses and consists of fabric draping on both hips as an extra layer.

There is no flare at the hem or accent at the waist, the skirt merely hangs straight down.

This skirt has a very short and ruffled layer over a pencil skirt. It’s typically a 1940’s style and is fun with a bit of flair.

Pleats are generally found along the front of the skirt but can run fully around the skirt. If there are multiple pleats, it’s called “accordion style", and if there are two larger pleats, it’s called “box style.”

Side Slit
This slit is urn down the side of the skirt for added movement, instead of along the front of the leg like a front slit.

This skirt will extend straight down with no flare at the hem. It’s a longer version of the pencil skirt, and may even reach the floor.

This skirt is comprised of several layers of fabric, all in different lengths, and overlapping. Usually, it is three layers, but maybe more depending on the style.

This skirt overlaps and wraps at the waist. It’s a more informal style and can be ideal for destination weddings and bridesmaid dresses.

Palm Beach Wedding Dresses

We’ve covered the silhouettes and skirt terminologies for wedding gowns in this blog. We hope that it will make your shopping experience even easier as you know exactly what to explain when you’re looking for something specific. Stay tuned in the coming months as we address bodice styles, necklines, fabrics, and more!

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